War Child’s Armistice is the first ever annual fundraiser that encourages peaceful gameplay to support children affected by conflict. It raised $130,000 in just 8 weeks.


How It Works

The Studios were encouraged to take creative ownership, and their unique and inventive approach made for brilliant activations; from non-violent in-game modes like snowball fights, football matches and letters from the battlefront to purchasable content.

Who's Involved

War Child gained the support of Blackmill Studios (Verdun 1914 -1918), Wargaming (World of Tanks), iNK studios (1979 Revolution: Black Friday), Positech Games (Democracy 3) & the streaming site Xsplit with their vision to spread it even further for 2017.

The Vision

War Child’s vision for Armistice is to turn it into a yearly event, where more and more game studios get involved and contribute to raising awareness and funds for the children they work with. The ultimate goal is to make this the biggest source of charity fundraising in the gaming sector.

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Armistice has been one of the best performing fundraising campaigns in War Child’s 25 year history.
— Elisabeth Little, Head of Corporate Partnerships