Armistice is an annual charity gaming fundraiser encouraging peaceful gameplay in support of children affected by war. Since 2016, it has raised over $390,000 and been supported by eighteen of the largest conflict and war themed games in the world.

2018 marks 100 years since the Armistice that ended the First World War, yet more children are affected by war today than at any time in history. Join War Child UK and Children in Conflict in November to raise funds to support children affected by war today.


How It Works

Studios are encouraged to take creative ownership of their own unique and innovitive activations: from non-violent in-game modes like snowball fights, football matches, and letters from the battlefront, to in-game purchasable items.

Who's Involved

The campaign, which first launched in 2016, has received massive support from the gaming industry including BlackMill Games and M2H,, Positech Games, Natural Motion, Big Huge Games, Gameloft, Flaregames, 11 Bit Studios, Focus Home Interactive, XSplit and many more! Some online casinos like Platinum Play are also involved, offering the war-themed slots games on their platform. Learn how to register and login at Platinum Play Casino on so you can try these games.

The Vision

Every November, Armistice looks to unite gamers across the largest conflict and war themed games in the world to raise funds to support children affected by war. Every year we would never miss sharing important tips that players should always have in mind, like learning how to choose the best casino software provider. By visiting you will get all detailed information about the difference between download and no-download casinos and what are their advantages or disadvantages.

Previous Partners Include:

War Child is doing great work to raise awareness of the long term effects of war and to help children affected by war, and we are glad to support them.
— Jos Hoebe, Blackmill Games Co-Founder
We are deeply thankful for War Child’s commitment to help the most vulnerable children living in war-torn countries. Big Huge Games is proud to support the Armistice initiative.
— Tim Train, CEO, Big Huge Games

Popular War Themed Games

Parents are still thinking that video games have a bad influence on their children, but according to a recent study, we may all be mistaken about how video games impact on our children’s behavior. This study shows that gaming can impact children in a way that is in the best interests of society, awaking the ability to think about your own thinking. Video games provide a universal solution to the challenging developments of modern life, and they are similar to all other kinds of imaginative play. The important thing is not to let your children playing video games all day, when this happens, more negative adjustments are shown. There are many types of video games, but currently, those with war themes, are practically the most popular. Even online casinos adapted this trend, offering over 1000 war-themed slots games all ready free to play. Decide for yourself are these free casino games harmful by taking a closer look at Here comes the question “Are war games bad for kids?”. Well, children, especially boys often play at their homes, with guns, and battle with swords and many parents are concerned about how will that impact their behavior. Don’t stop them, because if you do, you are also saying a “no” to their imagination and fantasies, implying that are being bad. Then, they will only hide their real feelings, and actually, that’s what’s truly dangerous. A few years ago, video gaming has become the world’s newest spectator sport, and investing in eSports just got a lot easier. Dota 2, Counter-Strike, League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm are the most popular war video games that also offer you the best betting opportunities of winning real money. Now, you are also able to play all these popular casino games from your mobile device, on mobile casinos. For all those who enjoy playing for free, we offer you 150 free spins, so you can play your favorite online casino games, without spending a penny. Many online casinos as well, offer many war-themed casino games, including battle slots games. Here is where French online casinos are stepping out. Many of these top-rated casino sites approved by ARJEL, will immediately attract you with their welcome bonuses. These rewarding bonuses are nothing compared to their lucrative game choice. So if you are up for the ultimate best of war-themed slots games, then you should not miss the opportunity to check out this site. Just to know, many video gaming companies are helping Armistice, the War Child UK organization, to raise awareness among as many people as possible, with war campaign games.